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The best security partnership for your entire software delivery organisation.

Security and compliance doesn't have to be a complicated drag on delivery. We change the game with world-leading security improvement programmes for your software engineers, product managers and leadership – delivered by experts in software security and delivery.


Some of the wonderful people and teams we've worked with

“The hands on sessions of seeing an issue and then fixing it in the code really brought it to life. Letting us do the fixing rather than watching keeps you involved, I thought the site was excellent.”

Lead Developer
Retail Sector

“Great news, the amazing [Practitioner] from Secure Delivery has agreed to deliver security training again this year!”

Engineering Manager
Energy Sector

“Very useful session! I like the case studies that were presented for each topic.”

Backend Engineer
Electronic Gaming & Multimedia Sector

“[Practitioner]'s knowledge and experience is exceptional. I really liked the Case Studies. I could always use more.”

Product Manager
Medical Equipment & Devices Sector

We're different to other security training and consultancy partners. We lived both software delivery and security in fast-paced, regulated organisations for years and understand the challenges across people, process and technology. Our goal is to combine our knowledge with yours to build your security capabilities, make your software better and keep your customers safe.

Grant Ongers MS, CISSP
Founder of Secure Delivery
Chair of Global Board of Directors, OWASP

We're a trusted partner in security for organisations across all sectors

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Tailored for your business

Working with us is the best way to build your organisation's secure software delivery capability and we have a flexible approach that ensures you get the outcomes you need to achieve.


Meet and exceed your compliance requirements by establishing product security understanding across your delivery teams

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  • Secure Delivery Academy
  • Expert-led product security workshops
  • Tailored video and written content
  • Comprehensive compliance reporting


Introduce continuous security capabilities and roll out a secure delivery model that's tailored for your organisational needs

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  • End-to-end improvement programme
  • Comprehensive security capability appraisal
  • Clear and actionable roadmap
  • Global security framework adoption
  • Community of Practice building
  • On-demand expert consultancy


Measure the outcome that shows you're working effectively – secure software products that your customers will value

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  • Rigorous & structured pentests
  • Sympathetic to delivery timelines
  • Delivered by software security experts
  • Actionable and understandable reporting

Everything you need

Secure Delivery Academy

All clients have access to the Secure Delivery Academy, our all-in-one platform for training and assessment delivery. Everything needed to start building scalable and effective security capabilities into your organisation.

Invite team members
Get your whole delivery organisation on the path to security success with self-enrolment or bulk enrol.
Plan your journey
We'll help you to craft the perfect pathway to drive real improvements in security understanding and capability
Schedule & sign up
Everyone can see when expert-led workshops are being held that target areas of insight for their role in delivery.
Prove your awesomeness
It wouldn't be learning without a shiny certificate afterwards. Your whole delivery organisation get shareable certificates that attest to their new security capabilities.
Learn at your own pace
Everyone can come to workshops prepped and ready thanks to our security and compliance knowledge base that covers everything they need to know.
Demonstrate clear ROI
The outcome you want is more secure software. Schedule our security assessments and track real improvements in your systems over time.
Show continuous compliance
You've got clear compliance requirements; everyone has to understand security. Our reporting shows you exactly where you are.
Enjoy the experience!

Start building your security capabilities today.

We'd love to hear from you and talk about the challenges you face with security at your organisation. We're the people you've been looking for.

From the blog

Insights from our practitioners across the field of software security.
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Security Threat Modelling

OWASP Cornucopia Online And Mobile

Our online threat modelling system, Copi, is now an open source OWASP project and the Cornucopia team have released a new deck for mobile apps!

Toby Irvine

Product Security Expert

Medical Devices Best Practices

Cybersecurity in Medical Devices Guidance

Our expert in medical device security and DFIR, Vee Schmitt, takes a critical look at the recently-released guidance on medical device security from the FDA.

Vee Schmitt

DFIR & Devices Expert

Secrets Management Best Practices

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Benjamin Franklin said that three people can keep a secret only if two of them are dead. If you want to keep your teammates around, let's look at safely handling secrets.

Toby Irvine

Product Security Expert

DevSecOps Product Security

What is DevSecOps? (And DevOps)

The IT industry takes simple practices and turns them into monstrous delivery methods with little of the original left. We'll wind back to see what's really going on.

Toby Irvine

Product Security Expert

Security Product

Securing the Digital Factory: Part 1

Analogies are terrible, but the factory one has shown some use in software engineering. Let's gird our analogous loins and take a look at how we secure this digital factory.

Toby Irvine

Product Security Expert

API Security Capture The Flag

OWASP API Top 10 CTF Walk-through

So you wanna hack an API? Let's analyse an API using the OWASP API Security Top 10 to guide our effort and hack it, together. Maybe we'll capture some flags while we're at it?

Grant Ongers

CISO & Community Leader

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