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Andrew Gordon-Brooks

Product Security Specialist

With decades of industry experience, Andrew has built his career across Telco, Finance & Media with both global enterprises and early stage startups.

Holding a variety of leadership & executive level positions; including building a global engineering team for a LinkedIn top 25 startup. With a passion for delivery, he maintains a hands on experience across full stack engineering to solve real problems in infrastructure, operations, development and assurance. efine the essential security knowledge required for people involved in building software systems.

  • Digital Product Security
  • Security Engineering
  • Secure Product Management
  • Secure Technology Leadership
  • Training & Development
  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Transport
  • Telecoms
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Media
Skills & Certifications
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Cloud Security & Architecture
  • Technology Leadership
  • Data Engineering
  • Automation

Articles by Andrew Gordon-Brooks

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Security, Product, Quality

3 Ways To Build Better Products By …

Change how you think about security and you can avoid serious headaches, impress your friends, have pool parties and even deliver better products with great ROI.


Some feedback from our clients.

People are at the centre of digital product security. Our approach means we work directly with the people making decisions, building and infuencing product development.

We love to work with these teams and we love to hear from them as to how they've found working with us. Here are some examples of the feedback we get from teams across our clients' organisations.


I like how you tied back Security to the four metrics metrics in Accelerate as well as SRE principles, that was very clear. I was actually already planning to recommend you to some people in my network :)

SRE Energy Sector
Engineering Foundations Course

[Practioner] clearly has a wealth of expertise in application security, and uses this very effectively to provide a highly informative course that includes insights and recommendations specific to our business domain. I am confident that other business domains would be equally served due to [Practitioner]'s range of experience.

Engineering Medical Equipment & Devices Sector
Decision Makers Foundations Course

The hands on sessions of seeing an issue and then fixing it in the code really brought it to life. Letting us do the fixing rather than watching keeps you involved, I thought the site was excellent

Engineering Retail Sector
Secure Coding Workshop

[Practitioner]'s knowledge and experience is exceptional. I really liked the Case Studies. I could always use more.

IT Management Medical Equipment & Devices Sector
Decision-Makers Foundations Course

Good to refresh and increase knowledge, labs were enjoyable and illustrated the points well.

Engineering Energy Sector
Secure Coding Workshop

[Practioner] was engaging, knowledgable and great to listen to and work with

Engineering Retail Sector
Engineering Foundations Course

Great news, the amazing [Practitioner] from Secure Delivery has agreed to deliver security training again this year!

Tech Leadership Energy Sector
Engineering Foundations Course

Security is part of delivery

and we'll help make it happen

If you'd like to find out more about securing and raising the quality of your digital product delivery to stand out from the competition then get in touch with us. We'd love to have a chat about our proven approach and see how we can best help your organisation succeed.