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Vee Schmitt

Security Researcher & Asst. Professor

Veronica started her forensic career in 2008. Veronica is also an Assistant Professor at Noroff University. Veronica holds a Master in Science at Rhodes University in Information Security with specialisation in the forensic analysis of malware. She prides herself in keeping patients safe as this is something which is near to her heart. She is also a cyborg sporting an embedded medical device herself. She also is a DEF CON Goon and she is the founder of DC2751, and the OWASP Kristiansand project. She has a love for all things ransomware and understanding the low level details forensically.

Her particular research interests include research into security vulnerabilities in medical devices forming part of the Internet of Things, and how these could be exploited by malicious attackers, as well as what types of forensic artefacts could be identified from any attacks. She believes that incident response should be something that is continuously done and improved on. She is extremely passionate about protecting people whose lives depend on these medical devices, and her passion saw her becoming a researcher within an MDM. She is also developing a digital forensics and incident response approach dealing specifically with implanted medical devices and medical devices installed within a healthcare setting. At her core Veronica is a forensicator and hacker and in love with every bit, byte and nibble of knowledge she has obtained. She has a strong belief that the o in Logs stand for observability.

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Articles by Vee Schmitt

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Security, Medical Devices, Best Practices

Cybersecurity in Medical Devices …

Our expert in medical device security and DFIR, Vee Schmitt, takes a critical look at the recently-released guidance on medical device security from the FDA


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I like how you tied back Security to the four metrics metrics in Accelerate as well as SRE principles, that was very clear. I was actually already planning to recommend you to some people in my network :)

SRE Energy Sector
Engineering Foundations Course

[Practioner] clearly has a wealth of expertise in application security, and uses this very effectively to provide a highly informative course that includes insights and recommendations specific to our business domain. I am confident that other business domains would be equally served due to [Practitioner]'s range of experience.

Engineering Medical Equipment & Devices Sector
Decision Makers Foundations Course

The hands on sessions of seeing an issue and then fixing it in the code really brought it to life. Letting us do the fixing rather than watching keeps you involved, I thought the site was excellent

Engineering Retail Sector
Secure Coding Workshop

[Practitioner]'s knowledge and experience is exceptional. I really liked the Case Studies. I could always use more.

IT Management Medical Equipment & Devices Sector
Decision-Makers Foundations Course

Good to refresh and increase knowledge, labs were enjoyable and illustrated the points well.

Engineering Energy Sector
Secure Coding Workshop

[Practioner] was engaging, knowledgable and great to listen to and work with

Engineering Retail Sector
Engineering Foundations Course

Great news, the amazing [Practitioner] from Secure Delivery has agreed to deliver security training again this year!

Tech Leadership Energy Sector
Engineering Foundations Course

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